Ujigami PDMS - iIoT driving Industry 4.0 to Ship Zero Defects Quality

Ujigami – Manufacturing Execution Software for Zero Defects Quality
Ujigami PDMS software solution embraces iIoT, Big Data Analytics, Smart Connected Assets for Industry 4.0 manufacturing solutions that maximize:
Control, Transparency, Traceability, Predictability – Fast Results for your manufacturing operation!
Take the first step to Zero Defect Manufacturing:
Ujigami PDMS Manufacturing Software

MES Software for Zero Defects Quality

 Ujigami PDMS Software is the Driving Force behind Zero Defect Manufacturing

•     Manufacturing Execution Software ( MES )     •     industrial Internet of Things ( iIoT )
•     Smart Manufacturing    •     Overall Equipment Effectiveness    ( OEE )
•     Big Data Analytics     •     Manufacturing Digitization     •     100% Outbound Quality
•     Product Directed Manufacturing System ( PDMS )    •     Smart Connected Asset
•     Automation    •     Cost of Poor Quality ( CoPQ )     •    Lean Manufacturing

Ujigami Manufacturing Execution System Software – Try it now!

Ujigami PDMS | MES Software | Zero Defects | What our customers say

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Zero Defects

“I can go home at night, knowing that we will  ship zero defects to our customer.”

“In 6 years of using Ujigami PDMS (Product Directed Manufacturing System),we have never shipped a wrong or defective part.

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Finally, we’re In Control, thanks to Ujigami

“Our previous Manufacturing Execution System worked well, but every time we needed a change we had to get out our pocket book.

Now I can use any web browser to make my own changes in Ujigami PDMS.”

“We really appreciate the ability to make quality improvements immediately

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Optimizing with Ujigami

Ujigami Mobile Quality Tracker was deployed at a pre-production build event, the event lead was working with the Quality team, this is what she was told:

“An AQE has been with my group since last Tuesday on this build and he thinks they should be on every line in all the plants.” He was very impressed! ~M. Kaiser

 UJIGAMI PDMS | MES Software for Zero DEFeCTS

– Overview –

Zero Defects with Ujigami PDMS provides a complete solution to: Control, Monitor, Analyze, Manage and Improve the productivity and quality of your manufacturing facility. Our provern solutions are comprehensive and drive immediate results to your bottom line. Rapidly reduce costs and increase manufacturing efficiency.

Ujigami – Manufacturing Execution Software for Zero Defects Quality

A Manufacturing Execution System Software that can achieve: 100% Outbound Quality, Lean Manufacturing Goals, Delivery Targets, Manufacturing Serialization, Big Data Analytics, Paperless Manufacturing and much, much more!


Ujigami PDMS Software – A Manufacturing Execution System for Zero Defects!


 What is Ujigami?

What is Ujigami?

Ujigami is a suite of software products related to enhancing production and quality for manufacturing companies.  Many in the industry refer to such solutions as Manufacturing Executions Software.  However, Ujigami goes beyond traditional reporting capabilities, in-fact, Ujigami is able to be easily configured (no programing) to control and monitor your process to meet manufacturing specification set by your clients.  We refer to this as a Product Directed Manufacturing System (PDMS).

Ujigami is the fastest, most flexible and capable plant floor manufacturing execution system available on the market. Manufacturing companies realize significantly faster startup, less downtime, lowest warranty costs and lower scrap, including Zero Defect Quality with Ujigami. Ujigami’s team has the specific industry, equipment, and system experience to ensure manufacturing company’s ongoing success for many years to come. Many manufacturing companies are heavily engaged in their industry 4.0 journey using Ujigami manufacturing software to drive the required changes.

Ujigami Software includes various subsets, including:

  • Ujiboard – World Class Manufacturing (WCM) software
  • Ujigami – Product Directed Manufacturing System (PDMS)
  • Ujigami – Operator Management Workstation – Paperless Work Instructions
  • Ujigami – Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Ujigami – Visual Management Center (VMC)

Ujigami is a comprehensive, yet flexible, plant floor system that automatically controls productivity, mistake-proofing, quality, material, and OEE information technology. Ujigami achieves first year ROI through:

  • rapid deployment
  • flexibility to quickly and easily accommodate Engineering Changes
  • ability to reduce PLC programming and complexity
  • reduced hardware and equipment costs
  • shortened learning curve for new operators
  • extensive mistake-proofing, defect management, and repair management driving Zero Defects
  • comprehensive traceability
  • no coding required to deploy
  • seamless interface to MRP systems (Ujigami easily interfaces with SAP / QAD / Epicor and other ERP / MRP systems)

It doesn’t take long before your customers recognize the World Class Manufacturing capabilities of your process and facility.

Ujigami manufacturing software provides the ideal manufacturing tool for any manufacturer looking to improve their capabilities and provide immediate functionality and benefits with current production as well as future opportunities and production requirements. Ujigami is used by many leading OEM and Tier 1 manufacturers. Ujigami achieves the highest levels of traceability, productivity, and quality at the lowest cost. We guarantee it!


Ujigami PDMS Software – A Manufacturing Execution System for Zero Defects!

Ujigami PDMS | MES Software – Zero Defects

Services At a Glance

Zero Defects with Ujigami PDMS offers numerous services throughout the implementation of each project. Our proven, structured approach ensures that your true requirements are identified and delivered. This 4 phase project plan is based upon the automotive standards of ISO, TS and APQP to achieve a true Dock to Dock solution capable of empowering your team and customers. Ujigami is a Manufacturing Execution Software for Zero Defects Quality and it’s how they harness the benefits of Zero Defects Manufacturing.