Ujigami MES - iIoT driving Industry 4.0 to Ship Zero Defects - it's Easy!

Ujigami MES software solution embraces iIoT, Big Data Analytics, Smart Connected Assets for Industry 4.0 manufacturing solutions that maximize:
Control, Transparency, Traceability, Predictability – Fast Results for your manufacturing operation!
Take the first step to Zero Defect Manufacturing:
Ujigami MES Manufacturing Software

Zero Defects Manufacturing

 Ujigami MES Software is the Driving Force behind Zero Defect Manufacturing

•     Manufacturing Execution Software ( MES )     •     industrial Internet of Things ( iIoT )
•     Smart Manufacturing    •     Overall Equipment Effectiveness    ( OEE )
•     Big Data Analytics     •     Manufacturing Digitization     •     100% Outbound Quality
•     Enterprise Quality Management System ( EQMS )    •     Smart Connected Asset
•     Automation    •     Cost of Poor Quality ( CoPQ )     •    Lean Manufacturing

Ujigami Manufacturing Execution System Software – Try it now!

Zero Defects – Ujigami MES

What our customers say

Zero Defects Manufacturing

“I can go home at night, knowing that we will  ship zero defects to our customer.”
“In 6 years of using Ujigami MES (Manufacturing Execution System),we have never shipped a wrong or defective part.

Finally, we're In Control, thanks to Ujigami MES

“Our previous Manufacturing Execution System worked well, but every time we needed a change we had to get out our pocket book.

Now I can use any web browser to make my own changes in Ujigami MES.”

“We really appreciate the ability to make quality improvements immediately

Optimizing Your Technology

“Engineers, in Japan, from our parent company want to know how we access manufacturing plant floor devices and historical data with no delay.” “We were frustrated with the delays from our other system when accessing or updating data. Even with years of data, Ujigami MES is instantaneous.”

 Zero DEFeCTS – Overview

Zero Defects with Ujigami MES provides a complete solution to: Control, Monitor, Analyze, Manage and Improve the productivity and quality of your manufacturing facility. Our provern solutions are comprehensive and drive immediate results to your bottom line. Rapidly reduce costs and increase manufacturing efficiency.

A Manufacturing Execution System Software that can achieve: 100% Outbound Quality, Lean Manufacturing Goals, Delivery Targets, Manufacturing Serialization, Big Data Analytics, Paperless Manufacturing and much, much more!


Ujigami MES – A Manufacturing Execution System for Zero Defects!

Zero Defects with Ujigami MES

Services At a Glance

Zero Defects with Ujigami MES offers numerous services throughout the implementation of each project. Our proven, structured approach ensures that your true requirements are identified and delivered. This 4 phase project plan is based upon the automotive standards of ISO, TS and APQP to achieve a true Dock to Dock solution capable of empowering your team and customers. It’s how they harness the benefits of Zero Defects Manufacturing.

Zero Defects – OUR CLIENTS

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