12 Manufacturing Areas Ujigami is helping Lean 6 Sigma and CI

12 manufacturing improvement areas: Continuous Improvement Professionals, Change Leaders, Quality Managers, Engineers and Plant Managers have new tools to add to their repository.  As such, optimizing your manufacturing process and final product is becoming much easier with the help of Industry 4.0 tools.  Technology is driving smart manufacturing to levels never before seen.  Review the attached matrix to see how Quality and OEE can be drastically improved by opening transparency to your operation.  If you have any questions you we welcome the  opportunity to put your and your team on the path to Zero Defects!

https://www.zerodefectmanufacturing.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/ZD-SixSigma-e1487790970625.jpg Zero Defects with Ujigami – Industry 4.0 – iIoT – Digitization – Smart Connected Manufacturing – Quality Improvement[/caption]




3 ultimate benefits your MES Software should deliver to you:

  1. Improvements in traceability
  2. Improved manufacturing quality
  3. Improved profits

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