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Complete TURN-KEY Solutions For Zero Defect Manufacturing

We aren’t just computer programmers helping manufacturers.  We are manufacturing professionals with programing, controls and engineering backgrounds harnessing iIoT, Industry 4.0, SCADA and manufacturing executions systems.  Our mission is to  assist you in empowering your with the necessary tools to have a transform your factory into a smart factory using digitization techniques .

We deploy four key areas to provide superior products and services for your manufacturing facility.

Consulting Support & Service – our experts work with your team to identify and/or develop ‘Best Practices’ and enable advanced quality and productivity systems.


Ujigami™ Product Directed Manufacturing System – easily customized software. It goes beyond error-proofing and doesn’t require programing .  Ujigami™ establishes an intelligent service between your manufacturing floor and your management team.  UjigamiMES System eliminates the need for expensive programming personnel.


Plant Floor Error-Proofing Solutions – we work with your team and implement enhanced error-proofing and mistake-proofing solutions to ensure 100% quality and drastically improved productivity.  We harness the best MES System and integrate it with your existing or new hardware and software.


Installation Integration – our team works with yours to implement MES Software solutions for your facility, including training and any 3rd party coordination.


Zero Defects in Manufacturing is no longer a mindset but an achievable manufacturing metrics.

Harnessed Technology Zero Defect

With Ujigami and using iIoT, industry 4.0 and digitization, you can link your manufacturing operations and processes. We can accelerate your factory productivity, quality and responsiveness through system and operations traceability and transparency! Whether you are building a new facility, retooling a line or trying to get off 3rd party containment and sort.  Ujigami has a solution for you.

Using proven market-leading technology, coupled with a highly skilled, comprehensive support team that has the depth of knowledge and experience to solve your toughest challenges.

Zero Defect Manufacturing with Ujigami is your source for all your plant-floor digitization and integration needs!

This is an example of a Zero Defect Manufacturing assembly station.  A details explanation can be found here.