Beyond Torque – Improve Your Torque Monitoring and Management


Beyond Torque – Improve your torque Monitoring and Management

Case Study – Torque:

handshake icon for Torque monitoring and management ujigami mes software“Our client requires a system that integrates all of their fastening specification with product and process results to ensure  complete product traceability and all parts are shipped with no defects.”

Control Panel Systems (CPS) was looking to continue their tradition of excellent customer service and expand their torque product offerings to include a comprehensive SCADA and MES system. After an exhaustive search, the Ujigami ™ Product Directed Manufacturing System.

 CPS Sales Rep, Richard Greenhalgh, is impressed with the Ujigami ™ system. “ Ujigami ™ gives us everything our customers need, and more!” Features include

Automatic Pset selection based on product model/option content,

Long term traceability including fastener rundown results, component serial numbers, process measurements, and product verification pictures,

Easy integration with barcode scanners, printers, vision cameras, robotics, and other equipment with little or no PLC programming,

Operator certification, graphical work instructions, and pictorial defect reporting,

OEE, efficiency, and quality management reports,

Seamless integration with ERP/MRP, and

Web access from anywhere on any device.

torque monitoring and management torque wrench with MEs SysTeM SoftwaRE

“Working with The Ujigami™ team was easy. They are

cogwheel best torque monitoring and management system mEs system - Ujigami(™)

very experienced in manufacturing, and delivered on-time and on-budget. My customer is extremely happy with the outcome.”

Ujigami ™ is an easy-to-use Manufacturing Execution System that delivers the highest levels of quality and productivity, resulting in best performance in manufacturing, warranty and distribution.


What is Torque?

Torque in both mechanics and physics can be defined as: the rotational equivalence of linear force.

Depending on the field of study It is also referenced as:

  • Moment
  • moment of force
  • rotational force
  • turning effect

Archimedes founded the concept during his work with levers.  Linear force happens during a push or a pull.  As such, torque occurs during the twisting action around an axis.

Torque is typically symbolized by the Greek letter tau: 

Here is a quick video explanation on Torque.

Beyond Torque – Improve Your Torque Monitoring and Management