MES SYstem Consultation

Phase I: Define and Plan the productivity and quality opportunities within your manufacturing environment.  Our team is comprised of members with actual manufacturing experience.  Choosing and deploying a Manufacturing Execution System ( MES ) can be challenging.  Harness our experience to ensure your success.

We will work with your organization to collect and review the inputs to this phase

  • Identify the critical items
  • Eliminate unnecessary requirements.
  • Voice of the Customer: including complaints and recommendations from both internal and external customers.
  • Business Plan Requirements, identifying required quality or productivity results and any business constraints.
  • Product / Process Benchmarks, to identify the gap between the current status and the benchmark (s).
  • Product / Process Assumptions, that may correctly or incorrectly identify technical or process features.
  • Product / Process Reliability Studies, to consider the frequency and severity of repair, scrap, downtime, etc.
Zero Defect Manufacturing

Once complete, we will review the following outputs with your organization:

  • Design Goals, outlining the proposed architecture of the solution.
  • Reliability and Quality Goals, identifying the productivity and quality improvements required.
  • Preliminary Bill of Material, to establish the hardware and software components necessary.
  • Preliminary Process Flow Chart, to describe the required process changes.
  • Preliminary List of Special Product and Process Characteristics, that the solution must manage or control.
  • Risk Assessment, explaining the risks that must be managed for a successful implementation.
  • Management Support, summarizing the interest, commitment, and support of upper management.

We suggest the outputs be reviewed at a Key Stakeholders Meeting, to solicit and obtain appropriate support.

MES System Consultation