Manufacturing Execution System – MES Software System for Zero defects – It’s Easy!


Why Choose a Manufacturing Execution System?

Easy to Succeed

  • Product Directed Manufacturing System
  • Ensures Zero Defects
  • Highest Productivity
  • Less Downtime
  • Lowest cost to produce
  • Flexible yet simple and powerful
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Ujigami MES Software – Easy to Use

  • Each part manages its own birth certificate to ensure all product requirements are completed prior to shipment
  • Operators are guided by graphical work instructions and immediately notified when corrective action is required
  • Poor quality parts are identified and tracked to ensure corrective actions are performed
  • Real-time dashboards and comprehensive reports provide fast top-down and read-across analysis

MES Software – Easy to Change

  • Engineering changes, line balancing, C.I. projects? No problem!
  • Make changes using a web browser and see the results immediately.
  • Don’t like the results? Make further refinements.
  • Manage operators, bill of materials, defect codes, operator guides, quality alerts.

MES Software – Easy to Configure

  • Define specific requirements and process sequencing for each part, model, and option
  • Assign work to operator stations and automated equipment
  • Define quality alerts,operator certifications, defect codes, graphical operator instructions, repair sequences

Easy to Own

  • Supplies knowledge-base for Continuous Improvement
  • Extendable for new equipment, processes, and procedures
  • Requires no software or database maintenance routines
  • Supports all shop floor operations
  • No expensive change fees
  • Works without problems

Easy to Purchase

  • Competitive price
  • Proven performer
  • No expensive hardware
  • No per-user licensing
mes software, mes system is easy on building blocks for all these reasons