A need to improve  quality immediately!  Due to ongoing quality concerns, a manufacturer in Alabama had been informed that they were no longer being considered for new business. The General Manager knew he had to implement a sustainable quality initiative and show his customer results. The requirements were straightforward:

  • Ensure ZERO Defects are shipped
  • Control machines and operators to produce each part correctly and in sequence
  • Provide traceability results including pictures of key product characteristics

Ujigami is a unique Product Directed Manufacturing System that acts as each part’s GPS – guiding each part through manufacturing. Ujigami knows the correct method to produce each part and controls every manufacturing process to ensure the part is produced according to its specific build requirements. If a process fails to meet specification, Ujigami will quarantine the part and ensure it is repaired or scrapped according to predefined rules… Zero Defect Manufacturing, it’s easy!

Shortly after implementation, the customer’s SQE audited the plant improvements. The engineer was particularly impressed with the demonstrated zero defect capability and the birth certificate methodology for traceability. The company was placed back on the bid list and recommended for new business.

Ujigami Drives Zero Defect Quality


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