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Integr8 THE Industry 4.0 Conference

Presented by Automation Alley
Nov. 14, 2018 @ Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center

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Integr8 The Industry 4.0 Conference

About Integr8


Integr8 is a place to challenge the proverbial status quo.  It’s a place to learn, become empowered by actionable take-aways

Modern manufacturing is in the midst of a, never before seen, revolution.  It is effectively known as the 4th Industrial Revolution a.k.a:  Industry 4.0.  Technology is pushing manufacturing capabilities beyond that which was thought possible.  By harnessing Industry 4.0 and utilizing the industrial Internet of Things (iIoT) and cyber-physical systems we are developing, essentially, a new way to make things.

Integr8 is where our industry comes together.  We share, we collaborate and we blaze the path forward into uncharted territory…  Building a better Smart Factory and harnessing manufacturing digitization to better serve our customers and markets.

Despite your market, the Industry 4.0 revolution will change the way you make things. Your future success in manufacturing will, ultimately, be dependent on if you are willing to invest the time, talent and resources before your competitors.

Automation Alley presents Integr8, a global gathering and Michigan’s Industry 4.0 knowledge center representing 800 manufacturing and technology business across the state and beyond.

Integr8 The Industry 4.0 ConferenceWhat you will learn

Integr8 will provide you with valuable information to help you transform your business and expand your professional network of technology and manufacturing leaders and influencers.

The day will include keynote presentations, custom panel discussions and hands-on technology demonstrations in the following areas:

  • Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Materials
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Modeling, Simulation, Visualization and Immersion
  • Robotics
  • The Industrial Internet of Things

Breakout sessions will center around Industry 4.0’s influence in:

  • Workforce development
  • Aerospace
  • Health care
  • Women in manufacturing
  • and more


Welcome to Detroit, Michigan: America’s Industry 4.0 capital and the birthplace of Integr8, the first-ever cross-discipline, global conference focused on smart manufacturing. Located in the heart of the Motor City, Integr8 will be held at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center.

Guests wishing to book a hotel room at the Detroit Marriott the night of Nov. 13 or Nov. 14 will receive a special discounted rate of $179 per night. This rate is good through Oct. 20. Click here to book.

400 Renaissance Dr W
Detroit, MI 48243


Nov. 13, 2018 @ Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center

Join Automation Alley and a global gathering of technology and manufacturing leaders for strolling dinner, cocktails and sweeping views of the Detroit River at Integr8 Luminate, the kick off reception for Integr8 2018, Automation Alley’s global Industry 4.0 conference. This event is open to the public. Connect with our Integr8 speakers and VIP guests as you consider new smart technology investments and seize the boundless opportunities of Industry 4.0.

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Use code ZERODEFECTS for 75% off.*

Register now!

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Use code ZERODEFECTS for 75% off.*

About Integr8

Integr8 is a place to learn, a place to get inspired and a place to challenge the status quo. As technology changes the way we make things, we too must change the way we think about manufacturing and the role we will play within this new, collaborative environment. Integr8 is where technology meets collaboration and where knowledge meets action.

For more info, contact:

2675 Bellingham Drive, Troy, MI 48083-2044
[email protected]
PHONE: (248) 457-3200
TOLL FREE: (800) 427-5100
FAX: (248) 457-3210

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Integr8 THE Industry 4.0 Conference

Integr8 Conference