Leading Technology

Leading Technology


Having a user friendly web browser framework, Zero Defect Manufacturing provides total plant floor integration of equipment, quality systems and processes, creating an intelligent manufacturing system that offers the highest levels of production and quality control.

Our solutions incorporate the latest proven, stable, and secure technologies.  We empower you to excel with quick configurations and an effortless expansion path to Zero Defect Manufacturing. By using advanced web-based standards, such as XML, DHTML, CSS, and Web Services, our solutions deliver resultsWe GUARANTEE IT!

Zero Defect Manufacturing harnesses the power of Ujigami™, a  Product Directed Manufacturing System (PDMS).

PDMS is the ‘supercharged’ version of Manufacturing Executions Software (MES).  You will be provided with the fastest, most flexible software to deliver highest quality and lowest cost.

PDMS has proven capable of resolving the toughest real-time manufacturing challenges… We Guarantee it!


We have been implementing digitized solutions in facilities for over 30 years. Your solutions are waiting, it’s easy.