60 + MES Software facts – Manufacturing Execution Software System Facts

60 + MES Software Facts :  LNS Research and MESA.org have conducted numerous industry surveys which have concluded certain outcomes for MES software system implementation. Some impressive statistics for direct benefits of Manufacturing Execution System Software ( MES Software System) have been reported by MESA International.
 mes Software - BarChart on website about zero defects, ujigami MES - mistakeproofing - what is the best MES - Top 10 MES
  • Sixty-six percent (66%) of the manufacturers responding reported a reduction in manufacturing time of 45% or greater.
  • Sixty-six percent (66%) of the manufacturers responding reported a reduction in entry time of 75% or better.MES software - happy femail factory worker - zero defects - 218 px x 123px
  • Fifty-seven percent (57%) of the manufacturers responding reported a reduction in WIP of 25% or better.
  • Sixty-three percent (63%) of the manufacturers responding reported a reduction in paperwork between shifts of 50% or better.
  • Sixty-three percent (63%) of the manufacturers responding reported reduction in lead time of 35% or better.

MESA.ORG: All of these figures are merely some of the direct benefits of MES, and do not include any indirect.

With this in mind MESA International reports their most indelible fact, MES Software System ROI “Return On Investment/Payback Period (14 Months Average).”  This is truly impressive because for the initial investment of an MES software system can be enormous depending on complexity and size.Source: Source: R. Elliot – Manufacturing Execution Software System (MES) An Examination of Implementation Strategy

Financial metrics improvement graph for MESA International on website about - Zero Defects - Ujigami - Mistakeproofing - best MESMES Software System- Operational Improvements According to LNS Research:
The improvement of 10% in manufacturing cost per unit should imply good improvements in some operational metrics. Indeed we see some fine operational improvements. Virtually all responses showed extensive improvement in first pass yield and production throughput and/or output when launching MES Software System.

Coin increase showing - Zero Defects - Ujigami MES - Mistakeproofing - what is the best MES - Top 10 MES

  • Output rose by 15% and First pass yield rose by a median of 14% from MES  Software System
  • Many companies had better improvement in first pass yield with a third quarter of over 50%.
  • Net profit margin increased by 5%
  • Revenue per employee increased by 7%
  • Manufacturing cost per unit improved by 10%

Therefore, It is interesting to consider a correlation between this and the very high numbers we saw for participation in a variety of continuous improvement programs below.

60 + MES Software Facts – MANUFACTURING METRICS – Other Improvements

Conclusively, it is clear that financial and operational metrics are improving because quality programs and operational programs are helping to drive real manufacturing productivity and quality gains. Notable, as manufacturing companies drive for ever more Operational Excellence we expect to see these improvements continue. 60 + MES Software Facts
  • Improvement in manufacturing cycle time16% when using MES SoftWareGraph for Manufacturing improvements on website about Financial metrics improvement graph for MESA International on website about - Zero Defects - Ujigami - Mistakeproofing - best MES
  • NPI (New Product Introduction) Improve – 20%
  • Increase of SKU/Products – 15%
  • Planned vs. emergency Maintenance – 20%
  • Annual Inventory  turns Improvement27%
  • Production Schedule Attainment Improvement – 10%
  • Improvement in customer rejects/returns – 5%
  • Improvement in reported Environmental incidences – 35%
  • Health and Safety Improvement incidences – 37%


MES Software system and Big Data Analytics – Popular uses for MES Software Systems and iIoT


Most Popular Uses for: iIot and Manufacturing Execution Software System and MES Software System

  • MES Software System for: Continuing improvement manufacturing process – 43%Bar Graph for Analytics on website about - Zero Defects - Ujigami - Mistakeproofing - best MES
  • MES Software System for: Operational Excellence Programs27%
  • MES Software System for: Better forecasts of production across multiple plants27%
  • MES Software for: Better forecasts of a production plant – 27%
  • MES Software for: Additionally, Continuous asset performance (APM) improvement across multiple plants – 23%
  • MES Software for: Real-time alerts based on analyzing manufacturing data22%



60 + MES Software Facts – What is the data being used for from your MES?

Considering, when thinking outside the box when it comes to MES Software System, data usage is probably not high on the agenda of those focused on production improvement and better process management. Having looked at usage, we were interested in the “how” of Big Data Analytics. We asked, “From where does your company get or plan to get its analytics experience?” To our astonishment, 40% said that they have a strong analytics team that will not require much expansion. Inforgraph for image LNS Manufacturing Production Data survey Zero Defects MES Ujigami MES iIot IoTThis goes directly in the face of perceived wisdom on the

mes software, 3 factory workers, zero defects, best mes 230px x 153px

subject; most pundits claim that the lack of data science skills will hold back some companies in their pursuit of iIoT and Big Data Analytics in manufacturing.  MES Software can assist with this.

Moreover, when considering the results of the above question in the context of this one, it starts to come into focus that Big Data claims in manufacturing companies might be slightly ahead of the reality. Manufacturers already have advanced analytics in Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) and Business Intelligence (BI), for which they probably have sufficient skills.

Interestingly, when it comes to Big Data, with unstructured information like video, climate, and image information, and when companies want to delve much deeper into their manufacturing and business data across supply chains, we suspect they will need new skills about which they know little today. Indeed, these new systems will hopefully answer questions about the business that we do not yet even know to ask. By looking at the type of data being used in analytics systems we can start to understand some of these issues. Most Big Data algorithms such as machine learning and sentiment analysis are still little used. This shows us that here is probably a gap of skills not necessarily recognized yet. Engineers and dataInforgraph - percentage of business that do not understand iot 2015: 44% vs 2016: 19% - LNS research MES - iiot - Ujigami - Zero Defects scientists have different views of what predictive analytics are; one is very model- and simulation-centric, while the other is data- and correlation-centric. Like the historical lack of trust between plant and IT technicians, Today there is distrust between the groups. A key to success in Big Data Analytics is to bring them together from a mathematical as well as cultural perspective. MES software System can help achieve this.


MES Software Vendors choice

When asked:  Which ( mes ) manufacturing execution software system does your company currently use?


Furthermore, Fifty-nine percent(59%) DID NOT know which MES Software system (Manufacturing Executions Software System) they used.



  • Continuing Improvement – manufacturing process – 43%MES software - infograph - uses for big data analytics, what's the best MES Software- Ujigami mes - zero defects
  • Better forecasts of a production plant – 27%
  • Better forecasts of production across multiple plants – 27%
  • Operational Excellence programs27%
  • Continuous asset performance (APM) improvement across multiple plants – 23%
  • Real-time alerts based on analyzing manufacturing data20%
  • Improved customer service and support – 17%
  • Understand customer requirements for new products17%
  • Finding key plant performance parameters through correlation – 17%
  • Better forecasts of sales13%
  • Reduced recalls13%
  • Correlate manufacturing and business performance information together – 13%
  • Mine combinations of manufacturing and other enterprise data13%
  • Alert management across multiple plants – 13%
  • I don’t think we use Enterprise Big Data13%
  • Improve relationships with suppliers – 10%
  • Correlate performance across multiple plants10%
  • I don’t think we use Plant Big Data10%
  • Perform predictive modeling of manufacturing data7%
  • Tracing products outside the enterprise – 7%
  • Don’t know – 7%
  • Delivering software upgrades directly to sold devices – 0%
  • Other ways – 0%






60 + MES Software Facts – Zero Defects in Manufacturing

Zero Defect Manufacturing is dedicated to assisting and mentoring companies interested in improving their competitiveness.  Your traditional manufacturing systems can be drastically improved with the assistance of technical MES solutions to support and work in conjunction with your behavioral controls.MES Software - Factory Worker Female and male

You now are able to integrate your legacy systems and bring in an MES solution to enhance your facility to improve Original Equipment Efficiency – OEE, quality and profits!  Our proven integration methodology have been executed thousands of times successfully.  Capturing your manufacturing data is a key component to moving your facility towards a success Industry 4.0 integrated platform.  With relative ease, you can extract your data, harness the information and allow your leaders and team to make very informed decisions.

Zero Defects is a popular term by Phillip Crosby in the 1960’s as a motivational tool and performance goal in organizations. With the introduction of cyber-connected systems and iIoT.  Harnessing iIoT you can implement viable and consistent technical processes that deliver based on your criterion.  Zero Defects has moved far beyond its previous boundary limitations.  Zero Defects is no longer a hopeful goal, it is being used as a manufacturing standard and being achieved daily.


Here’s to ZERO customer defects!   Contact us with any questions you may have about Ujigami & MES Software Systems

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Ujigami60 + MES Software Facts – Manufacturing Execution Software System Facts