More Flexible Less Programming

Case Study – A Better System:

With a customer looking for significantly faster production, a major integrator decided to develop a dynamic container flow system. Frustrated with the complexity and problems with trying to create a PLC solution, senior management decided to look for a better alternative. The requirements for the new system were extensive

  • Significantly improve operator throughput,
  • Control conveyors and ASRS in real-time,
  • Contain advanced manufacturing logic,
  • Coordinate & error-proof pick requirements,
  • Seamlessly integrate to ERP/MRP,
  • Be easily setup & modified,
  • Report on results in a web-page,
  • Use existing hardware, and,
  • Support other plant floor devices.

After carefully considering several options, Ujigami™ MES/WMS system was selected. The power and flexibility of Ujigami™ provides an advanced graphical operator interface, advanced real-time production decisions, and permits the PLC to concentrate on fewer control tasks. Advanced logic and control is managed within Ujigami. The team worked directly with the integrator to create a comprehensive plant-floor solution.

The integrator’s customer is enthusiastic about the Ujigami control. The system eliminates all order setup requirements and permits their operators to dedicate 100% of their time to production, resulting in a 22% productivity improvement. As a result of the outstanding success of the new line, the company will be installing the system in their other plants.

More Flexible Less Programming