6 Key Benefits – One Piece Flow vs. Batch

One Piece Flow vs. Batch – Example:

One Piece Flow Flow vs. Batch manufacturing is the methodology of production that moves product along the required processes and/or operations of manufacturing.  Therefore, as a result, completion of a single piece, isn’t dependent of that piece’s relation to a batch.

When a glass bottle is produced for a 12 pack of beer, it does not matter if the other 11 bottles have been labeled before moving on to the bottle being capped however, the other 11 will move forward when they have individually satisfied the steps required to finish that stage of processing for production. The 12 pack, or batch, will be bundled at the end of production, not at every step compared to batch manufacturing. Like batch manufacturing, all variables must be accounted for if this is the right manufacturing process for you.  It is strongly recommended to serialize parts as they enter processing or manufacturing for more effective One Piece Flow vs. Batch.

6 Key Benefits – One Piece Flow vs. Batch

  1. One Piece Flow vs. Batch production  can be extremely quick and efficient. Each aspect of the process is worked on, and then moves along to the next step with no wait time. As a result, fast production means clients will have their finished product in a timely manner.  This simultaneously allows your facility to fulfill more orders in a work day.
  2. Lowered cost –  This fast-paced production allows for potentially lowered manpower and6 Key Benefits - One Piece Flow vs. Batch -CLoud image overhead cost. Products constantly moves through the manufacturing steps, there is less wait on batches to completion , which assists in minimizing on inventory.
  3. Produce In Mass, shouldn’t be confused with producing in bulk, one piece or single piece flow manufacturing allows you to produce, one piece product, in large quantities.
  4. Minimize Waste – Suspect products and potential scrap can be identified BEFORE additional value is added with additional processing and components
  5. Maximize ability for line balancing with labor and inventory levels
  6. With maximized labor and inventory levels, minimized real estate is achieved.

Implementing One Piece Flow vs. Batch:

Industry 4.0 and Factory Digitalization is driving higher levels of through-put and capabilities.  Ensure your technical controls, such as, Manufacturing Execution System (MES Software) or Product Directed Manufacturing System (PDMS) such as Ujigami is capable of supporting your processing needs.  One Piece Flow should be easily integrated with your production technology tools.  Contact your digital partners to ensure they can support these initiatives.

Zero Defects and One Piece Flow

Zero Defects is no longer a manufacturing philosophy or mindset.  Manufacturing companies are ensuring their competitiveness by shipping Zero Defects month after month.  One Piece Flow is only one tool assisting  with streamlining  initiatives to develop a strong value proposition for their customers.  As Tier 1 and 2 manufacturers develop and hone their systems, their successes are assisting to embed themselves within their customers.  To  conclude, as these relationships develop it will become much more difficult of their competitors to encroach on the client base.


One Piece Flow vs. Batch

Manufacturers are working diligently to harness digital tools to increase their level of technology.  When using the appropriate technology, many companies are seeing significant increase in productivity, quality, employee retention and many other factors.  By harnessing technology, companies are pulling away from their competition and gaining market share.  Contact us for assistance in beginning or growing your Industry 4.0 Journey.  We work with manufacturers and their supply chain increase the robustness of their systems by harnessing technology to decrease the reliance on human capabilities.

The path to Zero Defect Manufacturing is easier than many think.  At one time, this was simply a philosophy.  Not anymore, many companies have harnessed technology to drive 100% outbound quality. One Piece Flow vs. Batch is only one tool at your disposal.




6 Key Benefits – One Piece Flow vs. Batch


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