MES Software • Process Design and Development

In Phase II, Process Design and Development, our process and quality experts review the existing processes and work with you to reinforce or develop a new manufacturing system (if pre-launch) and its related control plans to achieve the project objectives.

This Phase can be performed on a single station or facility wide.  We ensure the requirements needed to develop an effective manufacturing system.  It will meet all customer (Internal and external) requirements.  This is one of the first steps on your path to Zero Defect Manufacturing.

Product specific inputs and parameters to this phase are reviewed with your organization. Typically, we discover at least one (usually more) of these areas presents opportunities for significant improvement:

  • Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (DFMEA), that identifies the probability of failure as well as the effect of such failure, especially for Key Product Characteristics (KPCs).

  • Design for Manufacturability and Assembly (DFMA), outlines the relationship between design function, manufacturability, and ease of assembly.

  • Engineering and Material Specifications, determines the controlling specifications that identify the functional, durability and appearance characteristics of the component or assembly.

  • Existing Process Flow Chart, Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (PFMEA), Control Plan, and Process Instructions to identify gaps between actual process results and documented expectations.

  • Existing Process Capability and Measurement Results, help to define the specific process points that causing significant concern.

MES Software screen being worked on by an african-american technician
MES software being discussed by group of three people 1 woman and 2 men

The following outputs will be updated and available upon completion of the Process Design and Development phase:

  • Process Flow Chart, presents a schematic representation of the proposed process flow, identifying sources of variation.

  • Floor Plan Layout, identifying acceptable product movement, inspection points, repair stations and storage areas.

  • Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (PFMEA), outlines potential process problems and their consequences, and the methods to monitor and resolve those problems.

  • Control Plan, provides a summary description of the systems used in minimizing process and product variation.

  • Process Instructions, illustrate in detail the manufacturing steps of the product.

  • Measurement Systems Analysis Plan, to describe the plan to accomplish the required measurement systems analysis; including gage linearity, accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility.

  • Process Capability Plan, to verify that the final solution meets the project objectives.

  • Quality System Manual updates may be required if any additional controls or procedural changes are required.

These outputs will be reviewed during a Phase Gate Project Review meeting.

Process Design