Execute Beyond 6 Sigma and Lean Manufacturing



Total plant floor integration – equipment, quality systems, process control and behavioral integration.  We begin by implementing a digitized and intelligent system that offers the highest levels of production and quality control.


Ujigami Manufacturing Execution System Software (MES) provides all the functionality of traditional manufacturing and quality methods with the added benefits of controling your operation to reach Zero Defects:

  100% Outgoing Quality assured – Zero Defects!

  Fastest cycle times

  Easy changes to your requirements

  Robust error-proofing

  Extensive management reporting for improvement opportunities

  System maintained business rules and intellectual property

We work with your team to ensure all solutions meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. We provide your team with the necessary tools for on-going continuous improvement and solid path to shipping Zero Defects.

Products Overview

Zero Defect Manufacturing with Ujigami provides a complete solution to control, monitor, manage and improve the productivity and quality of your manufacturing facility. Our comprehensive software systems drive immediate results without the need for programing – We Guarantee it!

Zero Defect Manufacturing is powered by Ujigami™ We are very different from other solutions:

Flexible configuration permits changes to be quickly and easily implemented by your staff.  Without the need specialized programming personnel (either direct hires or contractors).

Focus on the product, identifying the tasks required to successfully deliver 100% quality to your customer 100% on time.

Total integration with machine, conveyor and operator controls to provide plant-floor control that is unmatched in the industry.

 Seamless MRP/ERP interface to coordinate requirements and report results to the entire organization.

100% browser based ensures the details of your operation are available anytime and everywhere!

We specialize in ensuring the highest levels of monitoring, data collection, and visibility.  These tools will empower  you to achieve real-time management and improvements.