4 Topics with Statistical Points About:  AI, Big-Data, iIoT, Cloud

AI, Big-Data, iIoT, Cloud, MES Software - Smart Factory, Digitization - UjigAmI - NIST-gov

National Institute of Standards and Technology (nist.gov) in the USA surveyed small and medium sized manufacturing leaders in Michigan USA about Artificial Intelligence, Big-Data, iIoT, Cloud

These are some very interesting results of the survey about AI, Big-Data, iIoT, Cloud from some manufacturers in the United States of America:

Artificial Intelligence | AI

Already Implemented: 2%
Plan to implement over the next 5 years: 50%
No Plans to implement: 48%


Already Implemented: 10%
Plan to implement over the next 5 years: 48%
No Plans to implement: 42%

Industrial Internet of Things | MES Software System

Already Implemented: 12%
Plan to implement over the next 5 years: 54%
No Plans to implement: 34%

Cloud Computing

Already Implemented: 23%
Plan to implement over the next 5 years: 48%
No Plans to implement: 30%


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