Free software license: Ujigami™ Free MES Software licensing for manufacturers. Ujigami™ is proud to support our manufacturing industry during these trying times.  For a limited time, we will offer:

MES software license free for manufacturers: Ujigami™

Free MES Software Licensing* 

16 Facts you need to know about free MES Software licensing for Ujigami™:


  • All manufacturers and warehouse operations


  • Your manufacturing facility
  • Your suppliers facility


  • Ujigami licensing: Free of charge reviewed monthly based on quarantine and COVID-19 status
  • Support:  Free of charge
  • Hardware:  Supplied by client (we can offer recommendations)
  • Installation costs:  as required for deployment
  • Ujigami Functionality:  Full for Product Directed Manufacturing System (PDMS), Warehouse management System (WMS), Ujiboard WCM – real time production reporting
  • How long:  90 days post COVID-19 emergency* (Minimum 60 days)


  • Scope assessment with your team to review your facility, challenges and needs
  • Quotation to reflect full scope of your needs and deployment
  • P.O. only for deployment and installation costs only
  • Signed licensing agreement
  • 90 days post emergency*, option to purchase the installed package or full removal at no charge for Ujigami licensing usage during time used



  • UJIGAMI is a Top Performing plant floor software leader around the world. Manufacturers are experiencing difficult times as a result of COVID-19.  Ujigami is able to assist you inject maximized functionality to drive 100% outbound quality.
  • UJIGAMI Solutions will bring tremendous benefit to your company.  We are confident you’ll incorporate Ujigami as a permanent part of your manufacturing success.
Ujigami target zero defects


Ujigami™ MES Free software licensing:

During these difficult times, we understand manufacturers are dealing with significant volatility within their human resources and supply chain.

This volatility can result in:
1. Unscheduled down time and shut downs
2. Limited notice process start-up requirements
3. New or non-certified operators and work force
4. Increased special cause variation
5. Inventory inconsistencies

UJIGAMI™ can eliminate many of your risks and now you can get licensing of Ujigami™ for free.

Ujigam™ brings technical mistake-proofing to a whole new level. Ujigami™ can control your process ensuring your operators are 100% successful.

For any USA or Canadian manufacturing facility facing:

– Re-tooling

– New builds / products

– Team member re/training and certification

– Production/Quality documentation change and control

– Production interruption / volatility

– Supply chain changes

We look forward to assisting our manufacturing industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please be safe!

Free Manufacturing Execution Software System license: Ujigami™ Free MES System

Ujigami™, easy-to-use software that eliminates the toughest plant floor manufacturing challenges. Ujigami™ is a proven beyond traditional MES System to Product Directed Manufacturing System.  Also know as Ujigami™ PDMS  It delivers the highest levels of quality and productivity. Our software provides the ability to:

  • on-board employees faster with higher productivity and better qualityUjigami Zero defect sign in red with white lettering and white checkmark
  • make rapid plant floor changes to ensure Continuous Improvement is truly continuous,
  • take complex customer/build requirements, and coordinate and actively control material, people and machine resources to ensure products are built correctly the first time
  • manage inventory, operators, machines, and automation to stop waste before it occurs,
  • and much more

Ujigami™ software works on your plant floor… 
   • coordinating… 
            • controlling…  
                     • reporting… 
Ujigami™ is a proven Dock-to-Dock performer in manufacturing and warehouse operations.

We re the leader in Free MES System Licensing*


Learn the facts about free MES Software!

Factual guide to free Manufacturing Executions Software

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