Ujigami PDMS – Move Beyond Traditional MES Software & MES Solutions

0:00 – 0:33 – Operator completes 1st assembly controlled by Ujigami PDMS solution – giving you control far beyond the best mes systems on the market

0:34 – 0:47 – Set-up for next components for assembly and attempts to work ahead of the line, also known as working up the line
(Ujigami PDMS solutions prevents this by cutting power the torque gun.  Other MES solutions are not capable of this)

0:47 – 0:53 – Ujigami PDMS solution scans critical manufacturing requirements using multiple sensors to ensure proper components and sequence are being executed
(Right-hand Assembly = Blue Screen || Left-hand Assembly = Pink Screen) – Ujigami PDMS solution incorporates color coding as visual cues to support rapid employee notification.

0:53 – 0:53 – Ujigami PDMS solution confirms all criterion are met and “re-powers’ the torque gun allowing the operator to continue his assembly tasks – (Calculated in milliseconds)

0:54 – 1.15 – Operator completes task – Ujigami PDMS solutions verifies and ensures full levels of mistake-proofing are executed

1:16 – 1.19 – Operator scans and generates label from Ujigami PDMS solution
(Ujigami PDMS prevents labeling errors)

1:20 – 1:25 – Operator begins set-up for next assembly – Ujigami MES ensures the correct components are used.


° the operator attempts to build ahead, he is prevented by Ujigami PDMS solution which prevents the powering the torque gun until the part on the conveyor is confirmed correct and “in station”.  This is verified by multiple sensors.
° if unable to complete their job in the allotted cycle time, Ujigami PDMS solution will stop the conveyor (and send an email, text, Andon or other alert.  Ujigami MES Software is capable of escalating the issue to the appropriate personnel )
° Ujigami PDMS solution in non-intrusive to the operator’s actions… unless required, and then Ujigami PDMS becomes very intrusive to prevent waste, quality or safety issues.  Ujigami can and will prevent tooling from being powered.
° the operator can work at their pace, within the pace set for the line. They are unable to set the pace of the line (faster or slower). This ability optimizes process times and balancing for maximized OEE.


Zero defects, maximum OEE, minimum downtime are possible. This operator station builds 8 part variations for left-hand and right-hand products being sequence to the client’s requirements. Verification to ensure each component is correct, the specified number of fasteners are secured to torque specifications, in the proper sequence. Additionally, Ujigami PDMS prints the part’s serial number (bar or QR code) for operator verification then it’s placed on the part. This method prevent label errors.


Zero Defect Manufacturing by Ujigami PDMS Solution interfaces directly with: torque controllers, scanners, fixture sensors, and printers to ensure the operator:
° Assembles the parts/components correctly (ZERO defects)
° builds the correct part (in sequence)
° does not work upstream (process timing and process balancing)
° does not fall behind and miss a job
° is trained and qualified to operate the equipment – secure login required (safety, quality and trained for procedures/task)
° is notified/alerted of any equipment failures (e.g. a specific sensor) to minimize downtime

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