Manufacturing Solutions: Ujigami – Wins Top 10 Manufacturing Tech Solutions in 2020 Awarded by CIO Applications

Zero Defect Manufacturing

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Manufacturing Solutions: Ujigami wins Top 10 Manufacturing Tech Solutions in 2020


Manufacturing Solutions:The end consumer should always receive a product that actually works as required. Unfortunately, this is often in conflict with the customer’s need for customizability and low order quantities, which increases the complexity involved in the manufacturing process. This need, coupled with the lack of availability of advanced technologies, results in a squeeze within manufacturing. As a result, most manufacturers are on occasion not able to deliver quality products which results in recalls or other field repair. As an example, automotive recall rates in the United States continues to exceed an average of more than 2 recalls for every vehicle sold each year. Quality defects can have a devastating effect on a company’s bottom line. Issues like these warrant the need for a solution that can ensure zero defects in manufactured products, guaranteeing the utmost in customer satisfaction. Tutelar Technology provides such a solution.


In an interview with CIO Applications, Edward Dickson, CEO of Tutelar Technologies, tells us how their software, Ujigami, helps its customers achieve zero-defect manufacturing in a way that customers receive 100% Quality, compliant with the highest standards in quality and precision.

Manufacturing Solutions: How do you create a zero-defect manufacturing environment for your clients?

Our Ujigami Product Directed Manufacturing System (PDMS) software delivers the factory of the future to our customers, including all important aspects of IIoT, Industry 4.0, and Artificial Intelligence. Ujigami has the built-in capability of being able to connect to all devices and equipment on the plant floor. Ujigami utilizes its integrated communication protocols to talk directly to each device and has the ability to do so using its native language – no need to wait for a new standard to be developed.

It also has the intelligence to know how to correctly configure and control each machine for the part being produced. Ujigami ensures the machine performs to the individual part specification and delivers on it; hence the term Product Directed Manufacturing. Ujigami controls all machines to ensure the right thing happens at the instant it needs to happen. The software is real- time, connected and in control, like being in an autonomous vehicle — you don’t need to worry about making a correct turn; the car simply does it for you.

What are the major features of Ujigami Manufacturing Solutions and how do these features benefit the clients?Ujigami, MES Software, Zero Defects, ZD, ZDM, Industry 4.0, best mes

Clients reap the benefits of Ujigami software due to its three key characteristics:

  1. Delivers the highest quality.
  2. Extremely flexible permitting non- programmers to be successful.
  3. Fastest plant floor software solution available.

Where Six Sigma is based upon statistical control, i.e. looking at history to determine corrections, Ujigami’s real-time capability controls manufacturing processes as they occur. As a result, Ujigami makes immediate corrections and adjustments as required which drives the highest levels of quality.

Ujigami is a robust system that utilizes standard Information Technology methodologies. It is very flexible in terms of configuration and is easy-to-use requiring only a standard web browser to access and configure; which means Ujigami is available on any device. To compliment Ujigami’s ease-of-use and configuration, Tutelar has a dedicated team grounded from a manufacturing background to help their customers solve problems and rapidly achieve the identified implementation targets of their projects. Ujigami software is faster than the fastest machine on the plant floor and offers full traceability in the genealogy of how each individual part was produced. Naturally, a huge amount of data is stored all the time and as a result Big Data applies to the Ujigami toolset. However, Ujigami separates interactions with plant floor devices from data storage to ensure speed is not sacrificed as the data store increases in size. Ujigami has intelligence built into it that enables it to determine build requirements in advance. As a result, users can leverage Ujigami to take on machine logic,

Ujigami wins: Top 10 Manufacturing Tech Solutions in 2020 

Our MES Software, Ujigami’s Manufacturing Solutions, delivers our customers the factory of futureThus the machine is made simpler and faster in processing as it permits an intelligent higher-level system to take on much of the heavy logic and data management. This eliminates the machine’s need to tackle tasks that aren’t specifically required in the machine environment, leading to increased productivity.

Is there a case study that you can share where you helped your clients in achieving their goals? What were the challenges that your client faced and how did you help them?

We have an OEM customer that was planning to enter a new product category making high-speed consumer vehicles. Because they come from a market of low-speed consumer vehicles, they recognized that their manufacturing methodologies were not sufficient to deliver the required quality levels. To cope with this challenge, they chose Ujigami to produce the new product on anew production line and launch the new vehicles. The launch was seamless. They significantly beat their production targets to the point that they needed to reduce the manufacturing level targets. Today the vehicle is considered one of the premium products in their respective categories.

Manufacturing Solutions: Can you give our readers a quick overview of the support options you provide to your clients and how it helps them?

Coming from a manufacturing environment, we understand the need to ensure manufacturing uptime is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Thus, the Ujigami software about the Manufacturing Solutions is robust and automatically overcomes problems that might otherwise stop production. In addition, Ujigami contains many tools for users to identify and solve problems with equipment and hardware themselves. In case they need additional assistance, our team can be reached on a direct call number or e-mail support that is available 24×7, 365 days a year. Due to Ujigami’s architecture, our team can virtually sit beside the users and see everything within their plant. Our virtual private network provides secure, direct support to our customers at all times.
<h2>In the coming months, is there any plan to extend Tutelar Technologies’ current portfolio? </h2>
There is a lot of momentum building within the industry for the need to get better. As a result, we are rapidly expanding in the geographical area. We have partners who assist in our global expansion. However, Tutelar’s primary focus remains to help both our current and new customers achieve a Zero Defect manufacturing environment