Ujigami | When to Implement – WMS

Companies consider installing a WMS when they are planning a:

  • Plant Expansion or Rearrangement or Re-Tooling
  • New Automation or Process
  • Quality Improvement
  • New Product Launch or Update

We also install Ujigami for companies that are stiving to “Be the Best”. Since Ujigami sits “on top” of your existing systems providing oversight and control, Ujigami™ WMS can be implemented at any time.

Ujigami Warehouse Management is an exciting paperless Warehouse Management System developed by people who have first hand experience of running logistics and warehouses. Going paperless with Ujigami should be the way your business runs.  Improving material handling, order processing, material handling and fulfillment.  Take the right steps to improving the overall productivity, accuracy and transparency of your business. Ujigami bring true technical solutions that eliminates the manual paperwork, saves time, resoources and effort with its browser based functionality and real-time reporting from connected devices. 

Learn how to take the right steps to move your business forward with:

Several questions to consider prior to designing your WMS:

1. How automated or non-automated is the facility?

2. How does inventory move through the facility?

3. Is the distribution center single channel or multi-channel?

4. Will your inventory be catalogued in an Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) ?

5. How many end users/stations do you have (10 or closer to 1,000)?

6. How many facilities do you have?

7. How important is inventory management in your operation?

Warehouse Management Systems – WMS | Warehouse Executions System – WES

Implementing a technical solution to enhance behavioral controls has never been easier and opens up tremendous streamlining opportunities for your operation.  Harnessing such technology has never been easier.

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