Who Benefits from Ujigami


Everyone in the organization should use and benefit from the Ujigami advantage:


  • High Speed System Eliminates Delays
  • Receive Real-Time Instruction
  • Easy ANDON Interface to Signal for Assitance
  • Ability to Mark Defects and Contain Bad Product


  • Fastest Throughput Improves Productivity
  • Comprehensive Mistake-Proofing to Eliminate Errors
  • Know Only Certified/Authorized Operators are Performing Work
  • Simple Overview of Plant with Easy Access to Details
  • Real-time Notification of Problems
  • Summary and Detail Reports to Highlight Areas for Improvement
invoice insert for Zero Defect Quality with Ujigami
wms touchscreens Zero Defect Manufacturing Quality with Ujigami


  • Easy to Configure and Maintain
  • Start Small and Build Capability/Capacity as Requirements Dictate
  • Permits Extensive Process Logic and Mistake-Proofing
  • Interfaces with All Plant-Floor Devices
  • Provides Focus on Continuous Improvement Requirements and Results
  • Access from any Web Browser and/or Web-Enabled device


  • Plant Overview with Aasy Drill-Down Capability
  • Dock-to-Dock Management and Control
  • Standardized Reports (OEE, Productivity, Quality, Delivery)
  • One Source for all Key Information

IT Department

  • Easy Installation, Maintenance and Change Inputs
  • Seamless Integration with Enterprise Systems
  • No Special Hardware Configuration; Plug-In and Go!
  • Current Database and HMI Technology
  • Extensive Security Management
  • Requires No Database Maintenance (Pruning/Archiving)


  • Reduce complexity of plant floor equipment
  • Issues can be identified and corrected remotely
carousel operations Zero Defect Manufacturing Quality with Ujigami


  • Reduced Cost and Complexity of Custom Solutions; Shorter Lead-Times to Delivery
  • Advanced Features can now be Included in Equipment
  • Full Support During Development and Implementation


  • Cost Competitive
  • No Hidden Fees or Change Costs
  • Completely Integrated with Enterprise Financial Systems

Ujigami™ WMS delivers all of the features and benefits to make your manufacturing operation a success.

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