Zero Defects with Ujigami - Industry 4.0 - iIoT - Lean - Digitization - Six SIgma - Smart Factory - Quality Improvement - MES“Industrial IoT is Expected to Revolutionize the Industrial Sector and Lead to a New Era of Economic Growth and Competitiveness” – Zero Defects with Ujigami is the go-to tool to achieve this!

The term Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), also known as Industrial Internet and Industry 4.0, refers to the integration of physical industrial machinery with software, internet, along with network sensors, actuators, and other industrial machines and equipment. Moreover, the new white paper from AIS provides an in-depth overview of the latest trends and developments of the new emerging technologies. The white paper also touches on several related topics surrounding these technologies and their impact on industrial automation, control and monitoring. Most notably, the convergence of Information Technologies (IT) and Operational Technologies (OT) within industrial plants, factories and facilities.

As the Visualization, Control and Monitoring Gateway, AIS’s Industrial Panel PCs (IPCs) and Embedded Computers Help Enable IIoT and Smart Technology Applications

Internet of Things (IoT) Industrial PC (IPC)The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) white paper also addresses the vital role AIS’s open, human machine interfaces and visualization technologies play in enabling IIoT, Industry 4.0 technologies and Zero Defects with Ujigami - Industry 4.0 - iIoT - Lean - Digitization - Six SIgma - Smart Factory - Quality Improvement - MESother Smart applications. Analytics and intelligent machine applications will require enabling solutions that facilitate the goals of IIoT. No longer will vendor specific or proprietary systems be specified as interoperability between connected systems, networks and machines are critically important for IoT applications. Open systems will be required to assure better connectivity, communications and flexibility. Visualization and touch panel solutions will serve as the operators’ command center and gateway from the factory floor to the digital enterprise level, across different global facilities and plant operations. AIS’s portfolio of Smart HMI solutions are currently deployed in IIoT, Smart Cities, Smart Transportation, Smart Factories, Smart Buildings and Digital Oil Fields.

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